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The U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act or FCPA makes it unlawful to bribe foreign officials to obtain or retain business. The law reaches all public and private U.S. companies that do business outside the United States, and applies to their directors, officers, shareholders, employees and agents. Foreign subsidiaries can cause parent-company violations, and U.S. employees of foreign subsidiaries are subject to the law.  Violations can result in multi-million dollar penalties and prison sentences.

We advise clients on compliance responsibilities.  We assist with due diligence and the evaluation of the suitability of potential joint venture partners and commercial agents.  We develop compliance programs that are practical, effective, and not overly burdensome.

We also audit FCPA compliance. If necessary, we coordinate the investigation of potential FCPA violations and advise clients on their responsibilities if violations occur.

Clients seek our advice on United States laws sanctioning trade with and investment to countries such as Cuba, Iran and North Korea. 

We assist with the development and implementation of business conduct policies for foreign operations, often working with local joint venture partners, shareholders and management. As part of our services, we:

  • Help clients establish and operate whistle-blower hotlines.
  • Investigate ethics and compliance complaints, and advise clients on corrective actions.
  • Produce ethics, conflict of interest, and U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act training materials for foreign operations.
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